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Storm damage

Emergency Responders of Knoxville, TN

The South and TN are famous for turbulent weather. Warm months often bring the harshest weather like funnel clouds, tropical storms and thunderstorms. If your home or business takes on severe damage from a storm, it can be difficult to move forward. Paul Davis Emergency Services respond quickly to assist you rebuil damage from storms on your property whenever bad weather hits.

Storm Damage Clean Up Contractor

Paul Davis Emergency Services experts work nearby with storm damage restoration in days after severe weather near Knoxville. Our team is available all day, every day for emergency services and estimates on storm damage. No matter how much damage, you can call on our licensed repair professionals to help your home or business. We contribute to the claims route and offer storm repair quotes. Paul Davis performs storm damage restoration for the following types of events:

Tornado and Funnel Cloud Damage

All over the Southeast and TN, tornadoes have left millions of dollars in damage. Infrastructure, electrical hookups and homes can take on serious damage in these harsh events. The storm damage on your property alone can include torn siding, shattered windows, damaged shingles and sometimes entire walls. Wind storms can throw or tip over vehicles and fall landscaping in your yard. If you want a repair estimate, contact the specialists at Paul Davis of Knoxville.

Flood Damage

It’s easy to take water for granted because it’s often controlled in our daily life, but water damage can be a intensely destructive force if let loose on your home or business. Flooding can ooze into foundations, ruin walls, carpet and result in mold growth. After a flash flood, you may find damage to your pavement, leftover mud and muck in your home, debris in your property and sewage issues. To find out more about flooding, see our water damage page.

Tropical Storm Damage

With the worst parts of high-speed winds and floods combined, tropical storms can be terrifying. When a hurricane hits TN or anywhere in the region, the heavy rains and gusts can be strong enough to flatten homes, landscaping and turn over vehicles. Paul Davis of Knoxville performs estimates for hurricane damage.

Hail Damage

The South isn’t used to feet of snow, but ice and hail can be real problem. Large hailstones can turn and crack shingles and siding, which lead to long-term leaks and compounding damage. Paul Davis of Knoxville are ready to help you repair your property anytime.