Damage Removal for Hurricane & Artificial Flooding for Greenback, TN

Flooding inside is caused by events such as storms and flash flooding, busted plumbing and malfunctioning appliances. Flash flood damage is worse than minor water damage, occupying whole floors or homes such as your basement. Fortunately, Paul Davis pros are experienced in treating this type of damage affordably. To guarantee your safety and comfort, we provide 24/7 flood damage treatment to our customers near Greenback, TN. To improve the deal, we can also help you with the claims process.

The Removal Process

Whether the flooding came from a recent hurricane or busted appliances, Paul Davis Emergency Services West Knoxville, TN has the best strategies for a reasonable cost. Learn more about our processes and why Paul Davis is the best flood damage remediation company in Greenback, TN. When our experts arrive, we perform a damage assessment of your property. You’ll get a quote on the progress that must be completed prior to initiating any clean up work. With our extensive experience in flash flood damage restoration in Greenback, we are fit to provide the closest quote.

Draining the Area

We promptly start removing leftover flood water from your space after you consent to our price assessment. We use specialized pumps to drain as much flood water as possible. Cleaning up additional water lowers the probability of mold growth in the future. With the help of moisture detectors, we pinpoint remaining moisture between the drywall and beneath the floors.

Cleaning the Air

Even after we drain the standing flood water, the work isn’t over. We may have to replace your tiles or carpet to clean any additional damage under the floor. The Paul Davis Emergency Services West Knoxville, TN specialists expedite the ventilation process by using powerful fans and dehumidifiers. We work carefully throughout the task to prevent worse damage from mold or remaining moisture.

Sanitizing the Affected Area

When a flood hits your home or business, a musty smell can hang around inside. If you get professional help, you can avoid this odor from transferring to fabric goods affected by the flooding such as draperies and sofas.

Total Restoration

Flood damage can leave water stains, cracked wallpaper, rusty metal and stuck cabinets or drawers. This might leave you overwhelmed with the amount of restoration needed to be completed. The professionals from Paul Davis Emergency Services West Knoxville, TN have a team experienced in restoration methods needed to remove flood damage indoors and outside.

Learn More Today

Flooding of any variety can be devastating, however relief is on the way from the contractors with Paul Davis Emergency Services West Knoxville, TN. Our team goes the extra mile to remove property damage on drywall, wiring and more. We know that dealing with damage can be tough, so we also assist in filing insurance claims. Book a quote today to begin recovery.