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Water damage

Water Damage Specialists in Knoxville, TN

Encountering a water mark on the wall or puddle under the washing machine is a pricey headache. Water damage begins from various places like rotting roofs, burst pipes or faulty appliances.

No matter where it comes from, we recommend getting the professionals to remove it. If left alone, water damage can weaken the structures in your home or business. Untreated water damage may lead to mold blooms, especially in the humid weather of Knoxville, TN and across the Southeast. If you’ve encountered mold near your water damage, check out our mold damage treatment page.

Since our company was founded, water damage cleanup is a core service of Paul Davis. We target water damage and remove it at the source.

Paul Davis – Emergency Water Damage Removal

The Paul Davis Emergency Services experts follow empirical methods and specialized equipment to remove the water damage. An area may seem dry at first glance, moisture may remain below the floor that is difficult to detect without the right tools. By addressing water damage now, you avoid the annoyance of pricey maintenance in the future.

For speedy assistance, call us or use the 24-hour Emergency Services button. When you submit a request, we can come to your home within four hours. We respond within 30 minutes to online requests.

Why Choose Paul Davis?

Paul Davis specialists follow efficient channels to deliver the most accurate estimate for water damage on your property. Our team goes beyond only quotes, our experts can help you in the claim filing process. Move on from water damage with the most reliable contractors in Knoxville.