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Storm damage

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Harsh storms are frequent and unpredictable in TN and Knoxville. From thunderstorms, funnel clouds and ice, storm damage can come in many different forms. Unfortunately, even the most equipped houses or commercial properties can take on damage from severe weather. The contractors of Paul Davis are available 24/7 to help you rebuil damage from storms wherever or whenever harsh weather hits.

Affordable Storm Damage Clean Up Contractor

The Paul Davis specialists work locally with storm remediation in days after dangerous weather in Knoxville. We are ready all day, every day for emergency services and storm damage repair quotes. However severe the damage, you can call our bonded restoration contractors to restore your property. We help with the insurance process and offer storm remediation estimates. Paul Davis performs storm damage repair for these common events:

Tornado Damage

Tornadoes near Knoxville, TN and across the region can range from mild to dangerous. Such strong gusts can destroy homes and utility hookups as well as result in additional problems. The storm damage on your property alone can include torn siding, broken windows, missing shingles and sometimes entire walls. Storms can move or tip over vehicles and fall trees around your home. If you need a repair estimate, call the specialists at Paul Davis Emergency Services.

Water Damage

Water is necessary for life, but in severe rain, it can be dangerous. Flooding can enter foundations, ruin drywall, fabrics and foster mold blooms. After a flood, you could find damage to your driveway, remaining mud and muck in your home, debris in your property and septic issues. To learn more, check out our water damage page.

Hurricane Damage

Tropical storms combine the worst components of strong winds and flooding into a single dangerous storm. Although tropical storms range in force, storms have been known to destroy buildings, level trees and flip vehicles. If you need an estimate for storm damage repair after a hurricane strikes, call Paul Davis Emergency Services now.

Hail Damage

Knoxville doesn’t get regular snow fall, but frozen rain and hail can be normal fixture of winter. When in full force, hail can shatter windows, bend and crack siding which leads to permanent damage. Contact Paul Davis Emergency Services for help with hail damage.

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