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When you Find Water Damage in Lenoir City, TN

Nobody wants to see an ugly damp spot on the floor or a broken appliance. Water damage begins from many different sources such as weak infrastructure, busted pipes or faulty appliances.

Wherever the origin of the water damage, it’s best to get a professional inspect it. If neglected, water damage can deteriorate the foundation of your property. Throughout Lenoir City, TN and all around the South, humidity over the summer produces mold colonies if water damage isn’t treated properly or quickly enough. If you’ve encountered mold near your water damage, check out our mold damage treatment page.

Paul Davis of Lenoir City has performed quotes and assistance for water damage since we started. The professionals with Paul Davis Emergency Services are trained to remove water damage at its source and for its long-term effects.

Serving Lenoir City, TN

When water damage strikes properties in Lenoir City, Paul Davis contractors implement state of the art equipment and proven methods to remove moisture and air out the affected region. Even if a floor looks clean on the outside, there may be moisture below or drywall is only visible by using infrared cameras or moisture meters. You can prevent costly repairs in the future by hiring an experienced emergency company to handle these situations.

For same-day service, call us or press the 24-hour Emergency Services button. We are committed to getting back to you within half an hour and be at your property within four hours.

Why Call Paul?

You can anticipate a precise quote from our specialists when you contact Paul Davis. Our team goes beyond simple estimates, our experts will also assist you during the claim filing process. We match you with top technicians to repair the water damage, so you can move on.