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Water damage

If you Find Water Damage in Norris, TN

Finding a damp stain in your home or pooling under the dishwasher is a very expensive headache. Water damage stems from various sources such as weak infrastructure, burst pipes or broken appliances.

Whatever the origin of the water damage, it’s best to get a professional look at it. Water damage has been known to cause severe damage to buildings when abandoned. In TN and across the Southeast, humidity during the summer can encourage mold colonies if water damage doesn’t get correct treatment. Paul Davis Emergency Services also treats mold damage as well, learn more here.

Paul Davis Emergency Services has provided quotes and assistance for water damage since our founding. We find water damage and remove it at the source.

Get the Experts

When water damage strikes properties in Norris, Paul Davis specialists use state of the art tools and proven methods to remove moisture and dry the affected region. Although a wall appears dry on the outside, there could be moisture in the subfloor or behind the wall that can only be seen by infrared cameras or moisture meters. By addressing water damage now, you avoid the trouble of costly maintenance in the future.

For speedy help, contact us or press the 24-hour Emergency Services option. Once you call, we will arrive at your home within four hours. We respond within 30 minutes to online inquiries.

Why Choose Paul Davis?

Paul Davis specialists take the proper channels to get you the most accurate quote for your water damage. Paul Davis experts also cooperate with the claims process, making it better for you. Move on from water damage with the best contractors in Norris.